Thursday, 1 December 2016

November 2016

Hello again.

We are spending less time outside in the nursery at the moment.  The past few weeks have been spent tidying up in preparation for the colder winter months and there's really not that much to do outside right now.  We still inspect the plants on a daily basis just to make sure they are all doing well, but many are now bedded down with their heads covered for their winter rest.  We still have some colour on the nursery however, with our evergreens just coming into their own.  

Winter gives us a chance to think about exciting new projects due in the spring.  We are always interested in new varieties coming on to the market, and plan to expand our range to include some of these, as well as add to our existing range of tried and tested favourites.  

We are hoping to bring new plants that are especially tolerant of coastal conditions which many of our customers have expressed an interest in, and as we are only a few miles inland it makes sense.  We are also looking at plants that are resistant to rabbits and deer as well as looking at more plants that will benefit wildlife such as birds and pollinating insects.  We are also hoping to add a range of alpines which are so popular, and summer bedding for borders, baskets, tubs and containers.  

Many people will be actively feeding the birds during the autumn and winter months, but don't forget you can also provide the future for them by planting native species of trees and shrubs.  This time of year is perfect for planting them.  

We are currently busy preparing ground for our brand new polytunnel.  Although the vast majority of our plants are very hardy, having the polytunnel will mean we can offer protection to some of our more vulnerable plants, such as young plants and seedlings. Most of the plants we grow will withstand the cold very well, but young plants are susceptible to winter wetness.  They do not like their roots sitting in cold wet soil and many are prone to drowning if left in wet for too long.  

We have had an amazing display of Hesperantha coccinea 'Oregon Sunset' this month.  A real 'hot shot' during the cold November days.  Heuchera 'Circus' also looking good right now.

I expect lots of you are busy getting ready for the Christmas holiday season. You may even be lucky enough to receive some gardening gifts.  One of our relatives has asked for three bags of manure....we live next door to the Rheidol Riding Centre, where they keep about forty horses, so there's a ready supply of well rotted manure anytime we want it.  

We hope to have our polytunnel up and ready for plants very soon, so more on that next time, until then enjoy your time this Christmas.  

Rob & Debs