Monday, 19 February 2018

January Roundup.

Welcome to a brand new year.  2018 is now well under way with a month gone already.  The birds are singing again and the promise of spring is just around the corner.

We’ve had lots of rain over the winter and even got flooded out, with gallons of water running through the house.

Outside we had prepared well and had moved lots of the plants under the cover of the polytunnel to keep them from getting too waterlogged, however as we have limited space, many had to remain out doors to fend for themselves.  On the whole they haven’t done too badly. 

There are signs of life in some of the pots now, with Aconitum, Eryngium, Geum, Delphinium and Campanulas all showing bright new greenery.  I love seeing the first sign of foliage peeking through the dark soil after the winter weeks.  

It’s time to begin thinking about getting the first plants ready for sale at the start of the season, which will be in early March.  Our nursery will be open to the public once more, and in April we will be attending our first plant fair of the season.

Until next time.
Happy gardening.

Debs and Rob

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