Monday, 5 March 2018

February Roundup.

Hello again, we hope you are all doing well.  

February is over now, and being the shortest month of the year, it seems to zoom around quicker every year.  

We've been updating our website and will continue to add new plants for sale as they become available.  Its exciting to see them all growing more vigorously every day.  We have potted up many plants into fresh compost, mixed in slow release fertiliser, increased our watering program, and tidied and pruned where necessary.  We are already seeing the first bright yellow blooms appearing on our Doronicum orientale 'Leonardo Compact' (Leopards Bane).

The daylight hours are lengthening and the birds are preparing themselves for the nesting season.  We've seen a few pesky squirrels on our bird feeders too.  We bought a squirrel feeder a couple of years ago, which they fed from for a while, then proceeded to chew right through it would you believe.  We haven't replaced it...there seems no point.  

We will be attending several plant fairs this year, details to follow.  Exciting times ahead.

Thanks for tuning in, keep checking the website for updated information, until next time.

Happy gardening.

Debs and Rob

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